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Global Innovation Leaders 50 Dividend Yield

Lapis Global Innovation Leaders 50 Dividend Yield

The Lapis Global Innovation Leaders 50 Dividend Yield Analysis is composed of each of the Top 10 companies of the following Lapis Analytics: Software Technology, Medical Devices, Semiconductor, Financial Technology and 5G & IOT. All companies in our equally weighted equity Analysis have a market capitalization greater than USD 25 billion and 80 % of them have paid uninterrupted and continuously increasing dividends over the last 5 years. Hence, a maximum of 20 % of the companies included in our unique equity Analysis do not apply a strict dividend payment policy and have paid their regular dividends for less than 5 years. Our rule-based criteria for selecting the most promising companies are applied during the quarterly rebalancing process (end of January, April, July, and October).

This Lapis equity Analysis is suitable for investors who are seeking a reliable income stream with growth potential from solid multinational companies at the forefront of technology-enable innovation, in some of the most promising areas of the economy: software technology, semiconductor, financial technology, 5G & IoT and medical devices. Economic growth is driven by innovation and technological improvements. Innovation spurs significant long-term trends, leads to higher growth rates, and generates attractive returns for investors. Investors that focus on innovation, properly assessing growth drivers and execution risks, will reap the most benefits.

Analysis facts

Weighting Method Rebalancing Frequency Calculation Frequency Calculation Currency Launch Date Initial Price Nav Last Update cancel
Equal weighted Quarterly: end of January, April, July, October Daily USD 01.01.2015 USD 100.- 379.30 29.12.2023

Analysis facts



empty Analysis Benchmark cancel
2013 - -
2014 - -
2015 7.33% -1.84%
2016 15.71% 8.49%
2017 35.51% 24.62%
2018 2.87% -8.93%
2019 40.30% 27.30%
2020 28.96% 16.82%
2021 18.82% 19.04%
2022 -26.84% -17.96%
YTD 39.32% 22.81%
1 Yr 39.32% 22.81%
3 Yr avg 6.80% 6.31%
since inception avg 15.97% 8.91%


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