Dear Deloitte Partners and Employees,

We are an Asset Management company regulated by the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM) and domiciled in Lugano, Switzerland. In collaboration with the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, St.Gallen and under supervision of Prof. Ernesto Turnes (Chairman of Lapis Asset Management Ltd.) we have developed seventeen unique Lapis dividend yield equity indices, five Lapis Next-Gen Indices and two Crypto Asset Indices. All our dividend yield equity indices are systematically based on the following selection criteria: 50% dividend yield, 25% market capitalization and 25% uninterrupted dividend growth over a certain number of years (exceptions according to the investment guidelines). Our rule-based equity strategies offer optimal diversification, high dividend yields and relatively low volatility.

All our services are available to UK as well as Swiss Partners and Employees. +

At all times, when determining your investment strategies, we will ensure full compliance with your Indepencence Rules.
Therefore we have recalculated our Lapis Indices taking into consideration the ‘Deloitte Pre-Cleared Investment Portfolio (the “DPIP Scheme”)’ rules. Our quarterly rebalancing will embed this crucial preclearance. Other adjustments suggested by Deloitte will be implemented with immediate effect.

So far we have pre-cleared with Deloitte 6 Lapis Indices. More Indices will follow. See Lapis Deloitte Indices.

In order to determine the appropriate asset allocation for our clients, we must first determine their risk tolerance and risk capacity. Once the risk profile has been established, the selection of one or more Lapis equity indices follows. Our clients will always invest directly into the stocks of the companies by replicating partially or totally our Lapis Indices depending on the preferences and investment amount of our clients. We tend to invest at least into 25 to 30 companies to ensure optimal diversification at all times.
The investment plan will be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure we are investing in line with your long-term financial goal. -