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The www.lapis.finance website (hereinafter the “Site”) is edited and published by Lapis Asset Management Ltd, Via Emilio Bossi 6, CH-6900 Lugano, Switzerland, incorporated under Swiss law and listed in the Canton Ticino Commercial Register (link), (hereinafter “Lapis”), which can be contacted via: tel. +41 (0)91 971 16 93 or e-mail: info@lapis.finance.

The Site exists for general information purposes in order to present the activities of Lapis, including its services and the academic and professional qualifications of its constituent bodies and employees, for the benefit of institutional investors and financial sector professionals active in Switzerland.
The Site does not constitute, nor is intended to constitute:
■ an offer to buy or an encouragement to sell;
■ an aid to investment decisions;
■ the basis for any contract or commitment;
■ a platform for entering into contracts remotely;
■ a source of financial, legal or tax advice.The Site also provides financial/economic information and analysis intended exclusively for organizations / companies based in Switzerland and adult natural persons domiciled in Switzerland as per Art. 23 of the Swiss Civil Code (CC) who fit the definition of qualified investors as per Art. 10 (par. 3, 3bis), and more precisely: (i) financial intermediaries subject to supervision; (ii) insurance institutions subject to supervision; (iii) public-law agencies and social security institutions with a professional treasury; (iv) enterprises with a professional treasury; (v) wealthy individuals who have stated in writing that they wish to be regarded as qualified investors, (vi) investors who have entered into a written asset management contract, provided they have not declared in writing that they do not wish to be considered as such.A user who intends to access the “Funds” section must carefully read and expressly agree to this disclaimer, thus fulfilling the conditions of access set out above. Compliance with the conditions of access is of fundamental importance, because the collective investment schemes mentioned on the Site (“Funds” section) are authorized for distribution in Switzerland by Lapis, which holds an authorization as distributor exclusively for Switzerland.
Investors who do not satisfy the conditions of access may not access the “Funds” section of the Site. In particular, access to the “Funds” section is not permitted to persons domiciled in the USA or who are USA citizens, nor to any person who, by virtue of applicable foreign legislation, is not authorized to access / receive content relating to the above-mentioned investment funds.
 The funds are managed on the basis of a discretionary asset management mandate.Investors who fulfil the conditions of access to the Site must nevertheless check whether they are subject to any further constraints, obligations or restrictions under foreign (as opposed to Swiss) legislation relating to the offer, subscription, purchase, possession or sale of collective investment schemes, for example in relation to tax or inheritance law. Investors who are thinking of subscribing to a fund should carefully read the latest prospectus, offer document or other official information, and consult the fund’s most recent report. The prospectus, offer document and other official items of information are available from the funds’ representative in Switzerland (GAM Luxembourg SA) or may be requested directly from Lapis.
Independently of qualified investor status, investment in a particular fund may not be appropriate for all investors. Before making an investment or taking financial decisions, we recommend that you seek personal advice from a specialized financial advisor.
Our policy on data-processing and Site-related cookies, together with consequent advice for users, is described in a separate document, which can be accessed by clicking on this link. The document is reproduced in full here.
The terms and conditions for general use of the Site are described in a separate document, which can be accessed by clicking on this link. The document is reproduced in full here.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The legal relationship between the user and LAPIS is governed by the Swiss substantive law, excluding the rules of international private law. The parties hereby choose the Court of Lugano (Ticino) as the exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes that might arise. LAPIS reserves the right to bring suits at the competent court at the user’s registered office, branch office or place of domicile.