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About us


Develop and calculate rule-based Equity and Crypto Asset Analytics which build the investment pattern for our institutional or private clients either as a direct investment or as an investment solution.

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Who we are

Our location enables an easy access from major cities like Zurich and Milan and is favourable in terms of communication over different time zones.

All our investment strategies are based on well-diversified portfolios of high-quality stocks or crypto assets which are continuously monitored and rebalanced on a quarterly basis. Additionally, we offer transparent and cost-effective fees together with high liquidity (cash is paid back within 24 hours after instruction). In our unique stock selection process, we strictly apply comprehensive and scientifically proven criteria to achieve remarkable returns over the long term. This way we avoid falling into emotional traps, change of the quality criteria and at the same time limit the probability of making severe mistakes. Under all market conditions, we strive to beat the market to increase the wealth of our institutional and private clients. Value creation and wealth preservation are our main goals.

Over the past few years, we have developed several outstanding Lapis equity indices and two Crypto Asset Analytics. The corresponding documents can be downloaded under Lapis Analytics. Several independent research studies have underpinned the attractiveness of our equity indices as well as our related investment solutions (funds and mandates).


Business Development

Wueger Andreas

CEO & Portfolio Manager

Rezzonico Daniela

VD & Portfolio Manager

Prof. Turnes Ernesto


Business Development
Business Development

Scalena Marco

Business Development

Rickli Kurt

Business Development


Meccon Kamuran

Senior Analyst

Monopoli Elia



Giorgi Carlo


Strepparava Annalisa


Head office

Via Emilio Bossi 6, CH-6900 Lugano, +41 91 971 16 93, info@lapis.finance

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