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“Our Lapis Investments deliver continuous growing and reliable cash flows through regular dividend payments. The growth of the capital is only a matter of time!“

Andreas Wueger, Founder and CEO of Lapis Asset Management


Direct Investments – Portfolio Management Services

We are the calculating agent and the intellectual owner of the Lapis Analytics (see Lapis Analytics). We offer our analyses as a DIRECT investment to our private and institutional clients. The client can choose his preferred combination between these Lapis Analytics according to his preference and risk appetite.

Discretionary Portfolio Management Services

The Lapis Equity Analytics are the cornerstones to the Lapis portfolio construction. Additionally, we use investment grade bonds, or at request some crypto assets or precious metals for the building up of our Lapis Asset Allocation Strategy Portfolios.
All rules and performances of the Lapis analyses are shown on the Lapis Analytics web page. The client risk profile, the reference currency and possible tax implications are carefully discussed and decided with your Relationship Manager.

Advisory Service

Many clients wish to have a final say about their investments. We offer this service together with an independent advisory about all investments and according to the investment goals and strategies of our clients. In this way our clients get access to a tailor-made and suitable portfolio.

Lapis Savings Opportunities

  • Open bank account with an online bank
  • Monthly Investment reports
  • Investment into a fund
  • No further fees

The Lapis Savings Opportunities is a lower cost service for clients who wish to start saving by using one or several Investment Products. This service is especially recommended for younger professionals who want to build a portfolio of outstanding companies that generate income and capital growth over the long term.

Lapis rule

Mr. Warren Buffett the Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Heathway once said:

“Rule No 1: Never lose Money, Rule No 2: Never forget Rule No 1”.

Our asset selection process and discipline described in Lapis Analytics embraces exactly Mr. Buffett’s advice.


Therefore our clients enjoy a performance with limited volatility according to their risk profile. Most importantly no permanent impairment of the capital can occur within a reasonable time frame.

Lapis for

Thanks to the partnership with Deloitte Lapis has specifically recalculated its analyses to meet the Deloitte investment portfolio rules.

Partners and employees of Deloitte can consult the proposals dedicated to them on the Lapis for Deloitte website.